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Nhan đề: Developing a Bilateral Input-Output Table in the Case of Thailand and Vietnam: Methodology and Applications
Tác giả: Kwangmoon, Kim
Secretario, Francisco
Trinh, Bui
Kaneko, Hidefumi
Từ khoá: Interdependent economic relations
Input-Output Table
Viet Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Paper prepared for the 19th International Input-Output Conference, 13-17 June 2011, Alexandria, USA;Volume 26, Issue 5E, Page 24-36, 2010
Tóm tắt: This paper attempts to measure and analyze the interdependent economic relations between the countries of Thailand and Vietnam, made possible by constructing a bilateral input-output (I-O) table linking the said two countries. It is an inter-regional type of I-O models that provides a compactand comprehensive accounting framework to quantify the economic inter-relationships among and between industries located in the study regions. -- This study is deemed to be a prototype of what the Association ofRegional Econometrics and Environmental Studies (AREES) needs to support its ongoing efforts to develop an integrated database for its proposed research project, entitled: “Impact Analysis of Infrastructure Investment in the Indochina Region: An Input-Output (I-O) Approach”. One interesting observation of the results is the multiplier effect of export demand on theim port requirements in production. While the import content of the production of export-oriented commodities cannot be directly measured from the I-O table, impact analysis revealed that production of export goods and services in Thailand was found to be more import-dependent than in Vietnam’s. It can thus be concluded that, interms of net foreign exchange earnings, which is estimated as the difference between gross export receipts and calculated import “leakages”, appeared to be relatively more beneficial to Vietnam’s economy than to Thailand’s.
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ISSN: 0866-8612
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