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Nhan đề: Education and Freedom of Choice: Evidence from Arranged Marriages in Vietnam
Tác giả: Shahe Emran, M.
Maret, Fenohasina
Smith, Stephen C.
Từ khoá: Arranged Marriage
Freedom of choice
Việt Nam
Social Interactions
Tóm tắt: Using household data from Vietnam, we provide evidence on the causal effects of education on freedom of spouse choice. We use war disruptions and spatial indicators of schooling supply as instruments. The point estimates indicate that a year of additional schooling reduces the probability of an arranged marriage by about 14 percentage points for an individual with 8 years of schooling. We also estimate bounds that do not rely on the exact exclusion restrictions (lower bound is 6-7 percentage points). The impact of education is strong for women, but much weaker for men
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