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Nhan đề: West Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam: Bathymetry Study Report (Draft)
Từ khoá: West Lake
Việt Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Dynamic Solutions-International, LLC;May 21, 2010
Tóm tắt: Project Background: West Lake is located in the north west region of Hanoi’s old city and just west of the Redriver. It is expected to become the centre of the new Hanoi as part of the 2020 development plan.West Lake is believed to be an oxbow lake, with the course of the Red river formerly passing through what is now an isolated fresh water lake with an area of 5.2 km2. West Lake has no major inflow other than storm water runoff, sewage, and minor groundwater flow. West Lake has suffered from extensive pollution, including heavy metal contamination of sediments and commercially important organisms (Pham and Pulkownik, 2007). The purpose of this study is to determine an accurate bathymetry of West Lake and develop a hydrodynamic model for possible future studies of sediment transport and water quality
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