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Nhan đề: Opportunities to improve the sustainable utilisation and management of water and soil resources for coastal agriculture in Vietnam and Australia
Tác giả: Keen, Brad
Hoanh, Chu Thai
Slavich, Peter
Bell, Richard
Tam, Hoang Minh
Từ khoá: Viet Nam
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: ACIAR;Page 1-68
Tóm tắt: This SRA follows two previous ACIAR projects in south central coastal Vietnam (SCC VN); SMCN 2003/035 and SMCN 2007/109. Recommendations emerging from both projects highlighted a need to evaluate the sustainability of groundwater utilisation for agriculture in the region. ACIAR commissioned this SRA with the purpose of scoping opportunities for new water, soil and crop management projects inSCC VN. -- Objectives: The objectives for this scoping study were to: • Identify and review available information on catchment scale water resources relevant to SCC VN,including information being generated by existing and proposed projects. • Identify priority catchment scale and farm scale water and soil management issuesin consultation with regional stakeholders in SCC VN. • Identify appropriate partners, capacity building needs, achievable project objectives, suitable methodologies and design research and development activities for a large ACIAR project which integrates catchment and farm scale soil and water management strategies, to improve profitability of farmers and improve the sustainability of resource use in SCC VN...
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ISBN: 978 1 922137 60 9
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