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Nhan đề: User fee exemption does not affect lower rates of hospital admission of girls in Vietnam
Tác giả: Schmidt, Wolf-Peter
Suzuki, Motoi
Thiem, Vu Dinh
Yoshida, Lay-Myint
Matsubayashi, Toru
Yanai, Hideki
Tho, Le Huu
Anh, Dang Duc
Ariyoshi, Koya
Từ khoá: Gender
Willingness to pay
Girls’ health
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Health Policy and Planning Advance Access published December 19, 2011;Volume 27, Issue 7
Tóm tắt: In many countries, girls have been reported to be less often admitted to hospital than boys. We studied the influence of socio-economic factors, education and access to health care on girls' and boys' admission rates for pneumonia, diarrhoea and dengue fever in south-central Vietnam. We explored whether the user fee exemption for children under 6 years introduced in 2005 had an impact on girls' admission rates. In a cohort analysis, we used data from a large census in Khanh Hoa Province conducted in 2006, linked to hospital admission records at individual level. We further analysed a cross-sectional health care utilization survey in a sample of children reported ill at the census. There were 38 731 children under 6 years among a total census population of 353 891. Overall, girls under the age of 6 years were 29% less likely to be admitted to hospital than boys. The gender differences in admission rates in children under 6 years were similar for diarrhoea, pneumonia and dengue. None of the socio-economic and educational factors appeared to affect the gender difference. The user fee exemption starting from October 2005 had no impact on the girls/boys rate ratio of admission. In conclusion, the higher hospital admission rates of boys compared with girls in Vietnam are independent of socio-economic factors and user fees. Higher susceptibility of boys to severe disease could explain part of the gender gap, but profound cultural norms and beliefs may also have contributed to the findings.
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