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Nhan đề: Potentially hazardous environmental factors for poisoning in rural Vietnam: a community-based survey
Tác giả: Hung, Ha Tran
Höjer, Jonas
Du, Nguyen Thi
Từ khoá: Poisoning
Environmental Factor
Năm xuất bản: Jun-2010
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health;Volume 41, Issue 4, Page 1021-1027
Tóm tắt: Poisoning represents one of the most common threats against public health. This population-based study was undertaken to identify potentially haz-ardous environmental factors for poisoning in Vietnam, and thereby to improve the background information needed to take adequate preventive measures. The study population comprised 3,814 individuals from 942 randomly selected house-holds in Phu Tho Province. Their mean age was 32.7 years, 50.4% were male. Data collection methods included face-to-face interviews using a structured question-naire, and reality observations following a structured checklist. Of the study popu-lation, 438 individuals (11.5%) recalled having suffered from at least one episode of symptomatic poisoning. The toxic agents most commonly involved in these incidents were pesticides (68.7%). Hazardous exposure to toxins was reported to occur frequently and pesticides were again the agents most commonly involved. The presence of insecticides and other pesticides in the home were common (39%) and 21.7% of studied households kept poisonous chemicals in places easily acces-sible to children. Nearly half the households kept medications at home, often with-out any medical safe-box. Fifty-six point two percent reported prescriptions were not necessary for purchasing pharmaceuticals. Common habits among household members put them at risk for poisoning by natural toxins. Among these, frequent use of unusual herbs, and the practice of raising and eating poisonous animals were most important. In conclusion, the widespread use of pesticides, risk for exposure to natural toxins and self medication constitute major hazards for poi-soning in Vietnam. Effective control regulations and safe strategies are lacking
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