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dc.contributor.authorChuong, Nguyen Bui Phuc Thien-
dc.contributor.authorAnh, Nguyen Thi Kim-
dc.contributor.authorTrang, Le Thi Huyen-
dc.contributor.authorJolly, Curtis M.-
dc.description.abstractScientific database has proven that Vietnam is one of the most affected countries due to climate change impacts on aquaculture and economies of rural communities. Ben Tre region has suffered immensely from recent salt water intrusion. Climate change generates sea level rise, increase in temperature and salt water intrusion. In 2005 losses had increased to US$37 million. We conducted three focus group discussions (FGDs) to assist in the identification of vulnerable sectors and households and community adaptation strategies to climate change. Households were also evaluated based on the levels of vulnerability. Residents have requested the construction of a water treatment plant and a dike system. CEA is employed as the tool for evaluating the two planned adaptations: Building a freshwater-supplying factory and Building a sea dike system. Total costs include initial investment and annual operating costs. We also conducted a benefit cost analysis since the outcomes of the strategies are different. The distribution of vulnerability index showed that 31% of households are highly vulnerable to climatic risk while 56% of households are not vulnerable at all. The sea dike is three times more expensive than the freshwater plant. In addition to the higher investment, it is more costly to keep the sea dike under operation annually. The water treatment plant is more cost effective in servicing the communities with freshwater but the dike has a higher benefit cost ratio when all costs are internalized and secondary benefits to agriculture and aquaculture are
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEEPSEA and Worldfish Center;-
dc.subjectClimate change impactsvi
dc.subjectFisheries economicsvi
dc.subjectVulnerability assessmentvi
dc.subjectEconomic analysis of adaptationvi
dc.titleClimate change impacts, vulnerability assessment and economic analysis of adaptation strategies in Ben Tre Province, Vietnamvi
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