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Nhan đề: Global Youth Wellbeing Index: A Vietnam Case Study
Tác giả: Goldin, Nicole
Henneman, Lara
Vignoles, Lindsay
Từ khoá: Global youth
Wellbeing Index
Năm xuất bản: 2015
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: A Vietnam case study;pp. i - vii, 1 - 31
Tóm tắt: Vietnam is considered by many to be a development success story. Its dramatic success in poverty reduction, robust economic growth, and significant progress on social indicators has helped the country achieve many Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This case study looks at Vietnam’s development story through a youth-centric lens. In the inaugural Global Youth Wellbeing Index2 ("Global Index"), Vietnam’s results demonstrate that with strategic policies and investments, youth can be well served even where resources are constrained, but also that youth are not necessarily benefitting from national growth and development. This paper uses findings from the Global Index along with absolute and additional available data, trends and policy considerations to inform stakeholders on the current state of youth in Vietnam, to highlight gaps, and to advance an even brighter and more inclusive future. In the Global Index, Vietnam shows strong performance relative to its income peer group in economic opportunity and health, but comes up shorter in other areas of youth wellbeing including education, information and communications technology, and citizen participation. Young people are generally, but not without exception, found to be optimistic about their state of affairs and their futures. At the same time, the deeper dive and closer look at further disaggregated data by gender and region reveal more nuanced opportunities and challenges. Given Vietnam’s demographics, youth today present a resource for growth and progress if their potential is unleashed, their talents utilized, needs understood and met, and aspirations realized. However, as birth rates fall and the population ages, the ability to cash in on a “demographic dividend” may be limited.
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