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dc.contributor.authorSon, Nguyen Hong-
dc.contributor.authorTu, Tran Thi Thanh-
dc.contributor.authorCuong, Dinh Xuan-
dc.contributor.authorNgoc, Lai Anh-
dc.contributor.authorKhanh, Pham Bao-
dc.identifier.issn1923-4023 (Print)-
dc.description.abstractBy using the data collected from the whole 44 banks in the banking system in Vietnam from 2010-2012, the authors try to investigate the impacts of ownership structure on bank performance in Vietnamese banking system. Research results show that capital concentration and private ownership have positive impact on bank profitablity, the nonperforming loan ratio has negative relation with banks’ profitability. Besides, the research results are also consistent with the previous researches (Nguyen, Tran & Pham, 2014) on the positive correlation of corporate governance and bank performance in Vietnam. The findings in this paper are also relevant with the previous researches in Kenya, China, Malaysia (Wen, 2010, Rokwaro, 2013). From these findings, some policy implications are also suggested as follow: (i) encourage the large shareholders participation the Board of Director to reduce the interest conflict in banks, (ii) enhance private ownership to increase bank profitability, (iii) improve the corporate governance of banks under international standards, and (iv) push-up the solving of non-performing loans in the bank restructuring in
dc.relation.ispartofseriesInternational Journal of Financial Research;Volume 6, Issue 4-
dc.subjectOwnership structurevi
dc.subjectNon-performing loanvi
dc.subjectBank restructuringvi
dc.subjectCorporate governancevi
dc.titleImpact of ownership structure and bank performance: an empirical test in Vietnamese
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