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Nhan đề: Of rice and men: land-use restrictions in Vietnam.
Tác giả: Paper, Job Market
Kutzman, Daley
Từ khoá: Rice
Land use restrictions
Năm xuất bản: Nov-2015
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Job market paper 2015.;
Tóm tắt: Across many economic contexts, there are policies whose efficacy is undermined by endogenous responses of agents due to a misalignment of incentives. In this paper, I show that households’ production responses to a food security policy in Vietnam that restricts household land to be used for rice considerably undermines the policy’s purpose. I develop a model of farmer crop choice that demonstrates how divergence of interest between the farmer and commune authority, and subsistence rice production constraints for the household generate different testable predictions for the impact of restrictions at both the household and plot levels. I test these predictions using four rounds of the household and plot panels of the Vietnam Access to Resources Household Survey (VARHS) between 2006-2012. The evidence suggests that land use restrictions are largely ineffective at increasing household rice production and lower agricultural profits. This is due to the fact that households reduce rice production on their unrestricted land while complying with restrictions. Counterfactual household rice production without any such ‘slippage’ on unrestricted land is 12 percent higher, and I estimate that restrictions reduces household agricultural profits by 15 percent on average. Thus, the policy appears to be unsuccessful in increasing household rice production while at the same time imposing welfare costs to the household.
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