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Nhan đề: An exploratory investigation of the practice of assessment for learning in Vietnamese higher education: Three case studies of lecturers’ practice
Tác giả: Nhat, Ho Thi
Từ khoá: Assessment for learning
Formative assessment
Case study
Higher education
Sociocultural theories of learning
Vietnamese higher education
Năm xuất bản: 2016
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Queensland University of Technology;pp. i - xi, 1 - 325
Tóm tắt: Assessment for Learning (AfL) has gained increasing prominence in international educational discourse and practice as a promising way to promote student learning. However, its implementation represents complexities, as the term and effectiveness are still contested. While a great deal of research has been conducted on assessment for learning in primary and secondary Western schooling, limited research has been done in higher education in Asian settings where Confucian culture remains the greatest influence on the processes of teaching and learning. Drawing on a constructivist paradigm and sociocultural theories of learning, this exploratory, qualitative research investigated assessment practices of three lecturers in one Vietnamese university. Analysis is based on data collected by classroom observations, semi-structured interviews with lecturers, focus group interviews with students, and documents. This study found that the three lecturers engaged in assessment for learning practices such as questioning, observation, oral feedback, and peer assessment to promote learning in their classes to some extent. Despite the lecturers’ significant efforts, Vietnamese sociocultural factors such as hierarchy, students’ passivity, examination-oriented learning, face saving, and respect for harmony and effort, considerably hindered their assessment practices. Findings of this study support the recommendation that there is a need to design appropriate forms of AfL that are more applicable and assessable in higher education in Asian cultural contexts such as Vietnam.
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