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Nhan đề: ISO 9000 implementation and performance: empirical evidence from Vietnamese companies.
Tác giả: Anh, Phan Chi
Hue, Nguyen Minh
Matsui, Yoshiki
Hoa, Luong Vu Mai
Từ khoá: Company performance
Vietnamese manufacturing companies
Quality management practices
Năm xuất bản: 2016
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: International Journal of Productivity and Quality Management;Volume 18, Issue 1, Page 53-77.
Tóm tắt: This study seeks to examine the situation of ISO 9000 implementation in Vietnamese companies and its relationship with company performance. Based on data collected from 108 companies through a questionnaire survey in 2012, we investigate the changes in quality management practices and different performance dimensions before and after ISO 9000 implementation, and study the impact of ISO 9000 implementation on company performance. The results of statistical analysis indicate that ISO 9000 implementation significantly improves various quality management practices and quality performance. This study contributes to the quality management literature by highlighting the significant impact of ISO 9000 on the performance of the Vietnamese companies. In addition, the results of this study provide meaningful and practical insight into quality management practices in the companies.
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