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Nhan đề: Pollution, energy use, GDP and trade: Estimating the long-run relationship for Vietnam
Tác giả: Anwar, Sajid
Alexander, Robert
Từ khoá: Pollution
Energy consumption
Năm xuất bản: 26-May-2016
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Applied Economics;page 1-25
Tóm tắt: Since the beginning of economic reform in the 1980s and, in particular, with its openness to international trade accelerating since the 1990s, the Vietnamese economy has registered significant growth. At the same time, energy consumption and the level of pollution in Vietnam has also increased. This paper aims to focus on the link between openness to trade and pollution in Vietnam. Due to lack of data, very few existing studies have focused on Vietnam. Using annual data from1980 to 2011 and employing the bounds testing approach to cointegration, based on an Autoregressive Distributed Lagged (ARDL) model, we find that there is a statistically significant long-run relationship amongst pollution, openness to trade, energy consumption and real national income in Vietnam. This conclusion continues to hold when the possibility of a structural break in the relationship is allowed for using the Gregory-Hansen approach to cointegration. Analysis of the cointegration relationship suggests that, in response to any exogenous shock to the system, adjustment back to the long-run equilibrium is very fast
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