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Nhan đề: Framing national REDD+ benefits, monitoring, governance and finance: A comparative analysis of seven countries
Tác giả: Vijge, Marjanneke J.
Gregorio, Monica Di
Brockhaus, Maria
E, Muharrom
Từ khoá: National political arena
Comparative discourse analysis
Năm xuất bản: Apr-2016
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Global Environmental Change;
Tóm tắt: This article analyzes how and with what possible consequences REDD+ is framed in the national policy arena in Cameroon, Indonesia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Tanzania, and Vietnam. It analyzes the most prominent views and storylines around key REDD+ design features among policy actors and in policy documents. We focus on storylines related to four questions, namely: 1) What should REDD+ achieve: carbon or also non-carbon objectives? 2) Who should monitor REDD+ outcomes: only technical experts or also local communities? 3) At what level should REDD+ be governed: at national or sub-national level? and 4) How should REDD+ be financed: through market- or fund-based sources? The vast majority of policy actors and policy documents frame REDD+ as a mechanism that should also realize non-carbon benefits, yet non-carbon monitoring receives very little attention. In all but one country, policy documents contain plans to involve local communities in the design and/or execution of measuring, reporting and verifying REDD+ outcomes. With regard to the level at which REDD+ should be governed, while most policy documents contain elements of a nested approach to accounting, almost all countries envision a long-term transition to national accounting and benefit distribution. We found strikingly little discussion among policy actors and in policy documents of how to finance REDD+ and acquire results-based payments. In the conclusion we reflect on possible consequences of the prominence of REDD+ storylines in the seven countries, and argue that carbonization and centralization of forest governance are possible given the limited attention to non-carbon monitoring and the envisioned centralized approaches to REDD+.
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