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Nhan đề: Solid Waste Management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Moving towards a Circular Economy?
Tác giả: Schneider, Petra
Anh, Le Hung
Wagner, Jörg
Reichenbach, Jan
Hebner, Anja
Từ khoá: Waste management
Stocks and flows
Circular economy
Landfill management and reuse options under tropical conditions
Landfill mining
Năm xuất bản: 2017
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Sustainability;Vol. 9, No. 286, pp. 1 - 20
Tóm tắt: The paper presents the current situation of the waste management system of the megacity Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, and the options for waste and land recycling in a low income country. Generally, there is a large potential for circular economy in the city as the main proportion of the waste flows are recyclables. Due to the missing selective collection system, this potential is not used in the full extend yet, even if the collection of the entire waste volumes is envisaged in the National Waste Management Strategy by 2025. The waste stocks are the landfill locations in the region of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), two of them being in operation and two of them already being closed. A special focus is given to the landfill GÈ Cát, which was subject to an option analysis in terms of waste and land recycling options. The results indicate that there are several reuse options: the use of the landfill material in a waste-to-energy process after landfill mining, the reuse of the re-gained land in case of landfill mining, the reuse of the capped landfill for energy crop cultivation, and the gasification in a biogas plant in case of a remaining landfill
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