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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-14Antibiotics in Wastewater of a Rural and an Urban Hospital before and after Wastewater Treatment, and the Relationship with Antibiotic Use—A One Year Study from VietnamLien, La Thi Quynh; Hoa, Nguyen Quynh; Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim; Thoa, Nguyen Thi Minh; Phuc, Ho Dang
-Birth weight and delivery practice in a Vietnamese rural district during 12 year of rapid economic developmentHuong, Nguyen Thu; Bo, Eriksson; Toan, Tran Khanh; Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim; Ascher, Henry
-Community patterns of stigma towards persons livingwith HIV: A population-based latent class analysisfrom rural VietnamPharris, Anastasia; Hoa, Nguyen Phuong; Tishelman, Carol; Marrone, Gaetano; Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim; Brugha, Ruairí; Thorson, Anna
-Drug use and self-medication among children with respiratory illness or diarrhea in a rural district in Vietnam: a qualitative studyHoan, Le Thi; Ottosson, Ellinor; Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim; Giang, Kim Bao; Allebeck, Peter
-Physical growth during the first year of life. A longitudinal study in rural and urban areas of Hanoi, Vietnam.Huong, Nguyen Thu; Eriksson, Bo; Liem, Nguyen Thanh; Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim; Petzold, Max; Bondjers, Göran; Ascher, Henry
2013-03-16The impact of economic growth on health care utilization: a longitudinal study in rural Vietnam.Thoa, Nguyen Thi Minh; Thanh, Nguyen Xuan; Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim; Lindholm, Lars
-Urban - rural disparities in antenatal care utilization: a study of two cohorts of pregnant women in VietnamToan, Tran Khanh; Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim; Eriksson, Bo; Bondjers, Goran; Gottvall, Karin; Ascher, Henry; Petzold, Max; Hinh, Nguyen D
2012-02-14Willingness to use and pay for options of care for community-dwelling older people in rural VietnamHoi, Le Van; Tien, Nguyen Thi Kim; Tien, Nguyen Van; Dung, Dao Van; Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim; Sahlen, Klas Goran; Lindholm, Lars