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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02-04Analysis of selected social determinants of health and their relationships with maternal health service coverage and child mortality in Vietnam.Minh, Hoang Van; Giang, Kim Bao; Hoat, Luu Ngoc; Others
2016Changes and inequalities in early birth registration and childhood care and education in Vietnam: findings from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys, 2006 and 2011Giang, Kim Bao; Oh, Juhwan; Kien, Vu Duy; Hoat, Luu Ngoc; Choi, Sugy; Lee, Chul Ou; Minh, Hoang Van
-Handwashing among schoolchildren in an ethnically diverse population in northern rural VietnamXuan, Le Thi Thanh; Hoat, Luu Ngoc
-Hot spot detection and spatio-temporal dispersion of dengue fever in Hanoi, Vietnam.Toan, Do Thi Thanh; Hu, Wenbiao; Thai, Pham Quang; Hoat, Luu Ngoc; Wright, Pamela; Martens, Pim
2012-01-17Hygiene and sanitation promotion strategies among ethnic minority communities in Northern Vietnam: a stakeholder analysisThilde, Rheinländer; Anders, Dalsgaard; Flemming, Konradsen; Xuan, Le Thi Thanh; Hoat, Luu Ngoc
2012Sanitation behavior among schoolchildren in a multi- ethnic area of Northern rural VietnamXuan, Le thi Thanh; Hoat, Luu Ngoc; Rheinlander, Thilde; Dalsgaard, Anders; Konradsen, Flemming
-Teaching handwashing with soap for schoolchildren in a multi-ethnic population in northern rural Vietnam.Xuan, Le Thi Thanh; Rheinländer, Thilde; Hoat, Luu Ngoc; Dalsgaard, Anders; Konradsen, Flemming
2019Working in preventive medicine or not? Flawed perceptions decrease chance of retaining students for the professionAnh, Nguyen Thi Van; Könings, Karen D.; Hoat, Luu Ngoc; Others