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Title: Climate change and its impact on agriculture in Vietnam
Authors: Vien, Tran Duc
Keywords: Agriculture
Climate change
Food security
Saltwater intrusion
Mekong Delta
Series/Report no.: ISSAAS Journal;Volume 17, Issue 1, Page 17-21, 2011
Abstract: Climate change is expected to have a considerable impact on Viet Nam’s fishery and aquaculture sectors, which accounted for 3.9 percent of GDP in 2005. The numbers of tropical fish with a low commercial value (except for tuna) would increase and the numbers of sub-tropical fish with a high commercial value would decrease. Coral reefs are expected to degenerate and fish living inthese habitats are expected to disappear. Moreover, sharpdecrease in plankton would lead to migration of fish and reduction in fish body mass. As a result, it is estimated that the economic sea production capacity of Vietnam would be reduced by at least one third. Due to a rise in seawater level, aquaculture farms will have to be relocated and saline water intrusion and reduction of the mangrove are will create loss of habitat forfresh water creatures (MONRE, 2003)
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