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Title: Pro-poor growth, poverty and inequality in rural Vietnam
Authors: Kang, Woojin
Imai, Katsushi S.
Keywords: Việt Nam
Ethnic minority
Series/Report no.: Journal of Asian Economics, Series DP 2010-18;Volume 23, Issue 5, Page 527–539, October 2012
Abstract: This study explores the effects of Vietnam’s transition on the welfare of different ethnic groups in rural Vietnam. It draws on three rounds of household surveys, VHLSS 2002, 2004 and 2006. It is first observed that the pace of poverty reduction for minorities surpassed the majority over the period 2002 to 2006, although poor people were still concentrated in the minority groups. Secondly, the disparity of living standards has been widening. In particular, inequality in both the majority and minority increased over the periods. Thirdly, the study shows that the pure effect of economic growth on poverty is estimated to have been greater if inequality remained constant. It is noted that the impacts of economic growth vary depending on which ethnic group a household belongs to. Finally, it is also confirmedfrom regression decompositions of within inequality that the main driver of inequality is not identical among different ethnic groups. Given the diversity across ethnic groups, we can conclude that the governmental policy aiming at equal access to infrastructure and more equal distribution of assets, such as land, for ethnic minority groups would lead to more equal distribution of consumption and poverty reduction of thosegroups. Also, consideration of local needs of each ethnic minority group would be necessary in designing and implementing public policies given the heterogeneoussocio-economic circumstances surrounding each ethnic minority group
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