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Title: Revitalizing REDD+ policy processes in Vietnam: The roles of state and non-state actors
Authors: Ba, Huynh Thu
Keenan, Rodney J.
Keywords: Vietnam
Reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation
Non-state actors
Issue Date: 24-Feb-2017
Series/Report no.: Forests;Vol. 8, No. 53, pp. 1 - 17
Abstract: Vietnamwas one of the first countries to introduce theNational REDD+ (ReducedEmissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) Action Program in 2012. The country has recently revised the Program to aim for a more inclusive 2016–2020 strategy and a vision to 2030. This study explores how Vietnam policy actors view REDD+ policy development and their influence in these processes. The results can contribute to the discussion on how policy actors can effectively influence policy processes in the evolving context of REDD+ and in the types of political arrangements represented in Vietnam. We examined the influence of state and non-state actors on the 2012 National REDD+ Action Program (NRAP) processes, and explored factors that may have shaped this influence, using a combination of document analysis and semi-structured interviews with 81 policy actors. It was found that non-state actors in REDD+ are still on the periphery of decision making, occupying “safe” positions, and have not taken either full advantage of their capacities, or of recent significant changes in the contemporary policy environment, to exert stronger influence on policy. We suggest that REDD+ policy processes in Vietnam need to be revitalized with key actors engaging collectively to promote the possibilities of REDD+ within a broader view of social change that reaches beyond the forestry sector.
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