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Title: Performance of the chicken contract farming and its affecting factors in Vietnam: a case study in Hoa Thach commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi.
Authors: Nga, Bui Thi
Lebailly, Philippe
Keywords: Chicken raising
Contract farming
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: Agricultural University Press;Page 296-302
Abstract: This study aims to analyze the performance and its affecting factors in the chicken contract farming in a case study of Hoa Thach commune, Quoc Oai province, Hanoi, based on the questionnaire surveyed data of 40 representative chicken contract farmers in the study site in 2016. The results showed that surveyed household’s head was medium (37 years old), low educational level (80% secondary school), but they had experience (87.5% had more than 3 years of raising), with quite large raising scale (popular 3001 to 5000 heads). Feed cost was too high (87.7% total cost), led farmers to lower performance, and situation of depending on the market. The farm income was rather low, accounted for only 10.4% total revenue. Results also showed that, any decrease in labor cost, improvement in by - products revenue or egg laying rate will lead to the enhancement of chicken raising performance for contract farmers. Therefore, the farmers had better reduced the feed cost, better manage their labor, exploit by- products and improve the egg laying rate to enhance the farm performance.
ISBN: 978-604-924-245-8
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