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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08-25Seasonality of hospital admissions for mental disorders in Hanoi, VietnamTrang, Phan Minh; Giang, Kim Bao; Nilsson, Maria; Rocklöv, Joacim
-Alcohol-related harm among university students in Hanoi, Vietnam.Diep, Pham Bich; Knibbe, Ronald A.; De Vries, Nanne; Giang, Kim Bao
2019Prevalence differences in major noncommunicable diseases in a lowmiddle income country: A comparative study between an urban and a rural district in VietnamSupakul, Sopak; Park, Hye Yin; Ngoc, Nguyen Bao; Giang, Kim Bao
2018Views by health professionals on the responsiveness of commune health stations regarding non-communicable diseases in urban Hanoi, Vietnam: a qualitative study.Kien, Vu Duy; Minh, Hoang Van; Giang, Kim Bao; Ng, Nawi; Viet, Nguyen; Tuan, Le Thanh; Eriksson, Malin
2012-06Pattern of smoking cessation and its associated factors in VietnamHuong, Le Thi; Minh, Hoang Van; Giang, Kim Bao; Xuan, Le Thi Thanh; Nga, Vu Thi Thu; Nga, Pham Quynh; Hai, Phan Thi; Hsia, Jason
2019Exposure to messages on risk factors for noncommunicable diseases in a rural province of VietnamDiep, Pham Bich; Giang, Kim Bao; Huyen, Nguyen Thi Thu; Minh, Hoang Van
2015-05Knowledge and attitude towards tobacco smoking among 13-15 year-old school children in viet nam - findings from gyts 2014.Huong, Nguyen Thanh; Giang, Kim Bao; Kien, Nguyen Trung; Minh, Hoang Van; Hai, Phan Thi
2016Changes and inequalities in early birth registration and childhood care and education in Vietnam: findings from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys, 2006 and 2011Giang, Kim Bao; Oh, Juhwan; Kien, Vu Duy; Hoat, Luu Ngoc; Choi, Sugy; Lee, Chul Ou; Minh, Hoang Van
-Drug use and self-medication among children with respiratory illness or diarrhea in a rural district in Vietnam: a qualitative studyHoan, Le Thi; Ottosson, Ellinor; Chuc, Nguyen Thi Kim; Giang, Kim Bao; Allebeck, Peter
2016-05Relative importance of different attributes of graphic health warnings on tobacco packages in viet nam.Giang, Kim Bao; Chung, Le Hong; Minh, Hoang Van; Kien, Vu Duy