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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11Social forestry - why and for whom? A comparison of policies in Vietnam and IndonesiaMoeliono, Moira; Thuy, Pham Thu; Bong, Indah Waty; Wong, Grace Yee; Brockhaus, Maria
2020The investment priorities of stakeholders in forest protection and development in Vietnam from 2011-2019Thuy, Pham Thu; Chi, Dao Thi Linh; Long, Hoang Tuan; Chau, Ngo Ha; Others
2020Preparing Vietnam for new rules on international market: Preparing Vietnam for new rules on international market.Thuy, Pham Thu; Thao, Nguyen Dinh; Chi, Dao Thi Linh; Long, Hoang Tuan
2018Local perpectives on drivers of deforestation and degradation and effectiveness of financial incentive mechanisms in Bach Ma National ParkThuy, Pham Thu; Chi, Dao Thi Linh; Tien, Nguyen Dinh; Christian, Haas Johannes; Long, Hoang Tuan
2015Gender mainstreaming in REDD+ and PES: lessons learned from Vietnam.Thuy, Pham Thu; Brockhaus, Maria
2018Opportunities and challenges in mobilizing finance to implement Vietnam’s forestry development strategy for 2006–2020Thuy, Pham Thu; Chi, Dao Thi Linh; Long, Hoang Tuan; Others
-The context of REDD+ in Vietnam: drivers, agents and institutionsThuy, Pham Thu; Moeliono, Moira; Hien, Nguyen Thi; Tho, Nguyen Huu; Hien, Vu Thi
2016-07-04Labour Rights in Vietnam: Unilever’s progress and systemic challengesWilshaw, Rachel; Chi, Do Quynh; Fowler, Penny; Thuy, Pham Thu
-Labour Rights in Unilever’s Supply Chain: From compliance to good practice. An Oxfam study of labour issues in Unilever’s Viet Nam operations and supplychainWilshaw, Rachel; Unger, Liesbeth; Chi, Do Quynh; Thuy, Pham Thu
2011REDD+ politics in the media: a case study from VietnamThuy, Pham Thu