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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06The sustainable shrimp supply chain in the mekong delta, vietnam.Van, Trinh Bui; Toan, Le Bao
2015-08Rice value chain upgrading in Vietnam: towards increasing sustainability.Rutsaert, Pieter; Demont, Matty
2017-11Social forestry - why and for whom? A comparison of policies in Vietnam and IndonesiaMoeliono, Moira; Thuy, Pham Thu; Bong, Indah Waty; Wong, Grace Yee; Brockhaus, Maria
2017-12Surveillance and early warning systems for climate sensitive diseases in Vietnam: Key findings from the Pestforecast projectLee, Hu Suk; Hung, Nguyen Viet; Khong, Nguyen Viet; Others
2018Consumer preference and attitude regarding online food products in hanoi, vietnam.Anh, Dang Kim; Bach, Tran Xuan; Cuong, Nguyen Tat; Huong, Le Thi; Hoa, Do Thi
2015-02Does non-farm sector employment reduce rural poverty and vulnerability? evidence from Vietnam and IndiaImai, Katsushi S.; Gaiha, Raghav; Kang, Woojin; Annim, Samuel; Thapa, Ganesh
2019The benefits of improving animal welfare from the perspective of livestock stakeholders across AsiaSinclair, M.; Fryer, C.; Phillips, C. J. C.
2016-11-28Aquaculture Innovation in VietnamRurangwa, E.; Baumgartner, U.; H., Nguyen M.; Vis, J.W. van de
2017The competitiveness and complementarities of agriculture trade among ASEAN-5 countries: an empirical analysis.Hamid, Mohammed Faiz Shaul; Aslam, Mohamed
2016Coffee price volatility and intra-household labour supply: Evidence from Viet Nam.Liu, Yanyan; Violette, William; Barrett, Christopher B.