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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Land consolidation as technical change: Impacts on-farm and off-farm in rural VietnamHuy, Nguyen Quynh; Warr, Peter
2020Understanding the perceptions of sustainable coffee production: a case study of the K’Ho ethnic minority in a small village in Lâm Dong Province of VietnamQuan, Le Vu; Jovanovic, Grace; Thuan, Le Don; Cowal, Sanya
2017Households’ willingness-to-pay for ffish product attributes and implications for market feasibility of wastewater-based aquaculture businesses in Hanoi, VietnamDanso, George K.; Madurangi, Ganesha; Otoo, Miriam; Linh, Nguyen Duy
2019Assessing the combined impacts of dams upstream, climate change, drought, tide, and sea level rise on the temporal variation of paddy land in Tien Giang province.Tuan, T.V.; Thuong, T.V.; Phat, H.P.D.; Hung, D.N.
2019Impacts of extreme climate events on technical efficiency in Vietnamese agricultureDiallo, Yoro; Marchand, Sébastien; Espagne, Etienne
2016-03-01Impacts of mangrove management systems on mangrove changes in the Northern Coast of VietnamDat, Pham Tien; Yoshino, Kunihiko
2020Ưu tiên đầu tư và quan tâm của các bên đối với lĩnh vực các hoạt động bảo vệ và phát triển rừng tại Việt Nam giai đoạn 2011- 2019Thủy, Phạm Thu; Chi, Đào Thị Linh; Long, Hoàng Tuấn; Châu, Ngô Hà; Others
2012-08-28Smallholder competitiveness: insights from household pig production systems in VietnamLapar, Ma. Lucila A.; Toan, Nguyen Ngoc; Staal, Steve; Minot, Nick; Tisdell, Clement; Que, Nguyen Ngoc; Tuan, Nguyen Do Anh
2019Vehicles for scaling out mitigation options in rice production in Vietnam: Cooperative and contract farming systems for water managementNghia, Tran Dai; Huan, Le Huy
2018Conceptual review and the production, consumption and price models of the Natural rubber Industry in selected ASEAN countries and world marketFong, Yi Chiun; Khin, Aye Aye; Lim, Chee Seong