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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Capital misallocation and state ownership policy in VietnamPhan, Le
2022-10-07Coffee farmer preferences for sustainable agricultural practices: Findings from discrete choice experiments in VietnamPhạm Hương, Giang; Chuah, Swee-Hoon; Feeny, Simon
2022-10-07Understanding small-scale Fishers' perceptions on climate shocks and their impacts on local fisheries livelihoods: Insights from the Central Coast, VietnamHa, Hoang; Momtaz, Salim; Schreider, Maria
2022-10-07Aquaculture Farmers' Economic Risks Due to Climate Change: Evidence from VietnamNguyen Thanh, Viet; Tran, Tuyen; Dewan, Ahsan
2022-06-22Impacts of monetary policy transmission on bank performance and risk in the Vietnamese market: Does the Covid-19 pandemic matter?Nguyen Huu, Huan; Nguyen Thanh, Phuc; Tran Nguyen Tram, Anh
2022-06-15Employability in context": graduate employability attributes expected by employers in regional Vietnam and implications for career guidanceTran Thi, Ly; Ngo Thi Hang, Nga; Nguyen Thi Mai, Hoa; Le Thi Thanh, Truc; Ho Thi Hanh, Tien
2022-08-02Emigrate out of National Borders, Immigrate into Diasporic Spaces: Vietnamese International Doctoral Students’ Diasporic Subjectivity in the MakingPhan Ngoc Quynh, Anh
2022-07-04Sustainability-oriented supply chain finance in Vietnam: insights from multiple case studiesNguyen Huu, Anh; Hoang Thinh, Gia; Ngo Vu, Minh
2022-07-13Why Teaching? Vietnamese Dance Teachers’ Experiences, Motivations, and Professional ChallengesPham Thi Thuy, Linh; Phan Quynh Ngoc, Anh
2022-07-01Premature deindustrialization risk in VietnamTsukada, Yuta