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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Characterizing antimicrobial use in the livestock sector in three South East Asian Countries (Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam).Coyne, Lucy; Arief, Riana; Benigno, Carolyn; Giang, Vo Ngan; Others
2019Impacts of credit access on agricultural production and rural Household’s Welfares in Northern mountains of Vietnam.Lam, Bui Thi; Hop, Ho Thi Minh; Burny, Philippe; Others
2017The caring state? on rural welfare governance in post-reform Vietnam and China.Minh, Nguyen T.N.; Chen, Meixuan
2019Impacts of extreme climate events on technical efficiency in Vietnamese agricultureDiallo, Yoro; Marchand, Sébastien; Espagne, Etienne
2012Constraints to market participation in agriculture in VietnamCazzuffi, Chiara; McKay, Andy; Khai, Luu Duc; Long, Nguyen The; Thuy, Do Minh
2016Seven Steps in Identifying Local Climate Change Responses for Agriculture in Vietnam.Bosma, R. H.; An, Ngo T.; Huynh, Chuong V.; Huong, Le T.; Others
2017-08-22Optimal rice land protection in a command economyLong, Chu; Hoa, Nguyen Thi Minh; Kompas, Tom; Trinh, Bui; Khoi, Dang
2019Optimization model for fresh fruit supply chains: Case-study of dragon fruit in VietnamDung, Nguyen Tri; Venkatadri, Uday; Tri, Nguyen Quang; Diallo, Claver; Others
2014-04Spiny lobster aquaculture development in Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia : proceedings of the international lobster aquaculture symposium held in Lombok, Indonesia,Jones, Clive M.
2020Market level assessment report: Fruits and vegetables intake Vietnam and Nigeria – Vietnam report.Hernandez, Ricardo; Lan, Hoang My; Hieu, Tran