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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in water and wastewater: A critical review about presence and concernHai, Tran Nguyen; Giang, Le Truong; Dong, Nguyen Thanh; Others
2020'COVID-19: A relook at healthcare systems and aged populations'Long, Giang Thanh; Tri, Vo Dinh; Quan, Vuong Hoang
2020The first cohort of the COVID-19 patients in Vietnam and the national response to the pandemicNgoc, Nguyen Huy; Thong, Nguyen Van; An, Nguyen Quang; Others
2020COVID-19 in Vietnam: A lesson of pre-preparationLinh, Quach Ha; Anh, Hoang Ngoc
2020Workplace health and safety training, employees’ risk perceptions, behavioral safety compliance, and perceived job insecurity during COVID-19: Data of VietnamChi, Hsinkuang; Thinh, Vu Van; Tan, VoThanh; Others
2020Monitoring COVID-19 impacts on households in Vietnam, Report No. 1: Round 2 results snapshotYang, Judy; Panagoulias, Philomena; Demarchi, Giorgia
2020People with suspected COVID-19 symptoms were more likely depressed and had lower health-related quality of Life: The potential benefit of health literacy.Hoang, Nguyen C.; Minh, Nguyen H.; Binh, Do N.; Others
2020Gender differences in experiencing coronavirus-triggered economic hardship: Evidence from four developing countriesHossain, Mobarak
2020New findings on links between urban expansion and viral disease in Vietnam offer lessons for COVID-19.Spencer, James H.; Saksena, Sumeet; Fox, Jefferson
2020Monitoring COVID-19 impacts on households in Vietnam, Report No. 1: Results snapshot from a high-frequency phone survey of householdsYang, Judy; Panagoulias, Philomena; Demarchi, Giorgia