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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The caring state? on rural welfare governance in post-reform Vietnam and China.Minh, Nguyen T.N.; Chen, Meixuan
2018The Challenge of Agricultural Pollution : Evidence from China, Vietnam, and the PhilippinesCassou, Emilie; M. Jaffee, Steven; Ru, Jiang
2017-03Economic growth and CO2-emissions: what if Vietnam followed China’s development path?Oberheitmann, Andreas
2010-04-01Vietnam Following in Chinas Footsteps: The Third Wave of Emerging Asian EconomiesChaponniere, JeanRaphael; Cling, JeanPierre; Zhou, Bin
2017-06-03A comparative study of trade relations and the spatial-temporal evolution of geo-economy between China and VietnamMa, Teng; Liu, Yuli; Ge, Yuejing
2016China’s Changing Trade and the Implications for the CLMV EconomiesMathai, Koshy; Gottlieb, Geoff; Hong, Gee Hee; Others
2012-01Can rural health insurance improve equity in healthcare utilization? a comparison between China and VietnamLiu, Xiaoyun; Tang, Shenglan; Yu, Baorong; Phuong, Nguyen Khanh; Yan, Fei; Thien, Duong Duc; Tolhurst, Rachel
2019Migration journeys: The experiences of ethnic minority men and women in Vietnam – China border areas.C, Nguyen; Lu, N; Gardiner, F
2019The “One Belt One Road” initiative and the immigration risks from the border: The case study of China-Laos, China-Vietnam bordersLoc, Nguyen Truong Phuong
2012-01-01Controlling HIV epidemics among Injection drug users: eight years of cross-border HIV prevention interventions in Vietnam and ChinaHammett, Theodore M.; Des Jarlais, Don C.; Kling, Ryan; Binh, Kieu Thanh; McNicholl, Janet M.; Wasinrapee, Punneeporn; McDougal, J. Stephen; Liu, Wei; Chen, Yi; Meng, Donghua; Ngu, Doan; Quyen, Hoang Ngoc; Tho, Nguyen Huu; Tren, Hoang Van