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Title: Access to rural credit markets in developing countries, the case of Vietnam: A literature review.
Authors: Linh, Ta Nhat
Long, Hoang Thanh
Chi, Le Van
Tam, Le Thanh
Lebailly, Philippe
Keywords: Agriculture credit
Rural credit accessibility
Credit constraints
Emerging nations
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: Sustainability;pp. 1 - 20
Abstract: Agricultural sectors play an important role in the process of economic development of a country, especially in developing ones. Vietnam is known as an emerging market, which depends directly on agriculture-related activities for their livelihood, in which the issue of rural credit access still remains a confounding problem. The paper focuses on the characteristics of rural credit markets, the determinants of farmer access to the markets, the socio-economic impacts of credit access in Vietnam and briefly comparing with those of some developing countries. This question is addressed by reviewing existing literature and empirical evidence, followed by a comprehensive case study in Vietnam. Comprehensive literature review with secondary data collection and key informant interviews are methods that are applied in this research. The results of this analysis indicate the features of Vietnam markets as participated constraints, government intervention, and segmentation. Other results reveal the significant determinants of credit accessibility. Impacts of credit access on output production, household income, and poverty reduction are highlighted in this paper. Some managerial implications are recommended for households through participation in lending networks; for financial institutions relating to expand target clients as well as capital allocation; and, for policy-makers via ensuring market competitiveness and sustainable development in the long run.
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