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Title: Comparison among Chemical, GAP and Organic method for tea cultivation in Vietnam
Authors: Phong, Nguyen Huu
Pongnak, Wattanachai
Soytong, Kasem
Quyet, Nguyen The
Thu, Dang Van
Keywords: Tea cultivation
Chemical method
GAP method
Organic method
Issue Date: 2015
Series/Report no.: Journal of Agricultural Technology 2015;Vol. 11, No 8, pp. 1713 - 1730
Abstract: This study aimed to compare the chemical, GAP and organic production methods on tea cultivation in Vietnam. The experiments were separately setup as RCBD with 4 replications in two tea varieties namely PH8 and PH9. The results showed that all the application methods were better effective on tea yield than the non-treated control. The chemical and GAP method gave significantly higher percentages of yield increasing, which were calculated by pair comparing of yield disparity between the non-treated control and the application methods, as compared to the organic method, with the values ranged of 52.86- 63.96, 46.03- 67.87 and 36.98- 52.10 %, respectively. In most the cases, all the treated methods were significantly highly effective or tended to give higher effectiveness on the controlling of the investigated tea insects and diseases as compared to the control. The efficiency for insect and disease control of the GAP method was not significantly different from the chemical and organic ones. It seems that the GAP method is more friendly and safe to the environment and the consumer’s health than the chemical method because it reduced the use of chemical inputs compared to the chemical one. On the other hand, the GAP method tended to give higher sensory evaluation score of green tea than the other methods. In conclusion for the present study, the GAP method could be recommended to apply for safety tea production in Vietnam.
ISSN: 1686-9141
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