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Title: Business Education in the Emerging Economy of Vietnam: Twenty Years of Expectations, Illusions, and Lessons.
Authors: Quan, Vuong Hoang
Tri, Tran Dung
Napier, Nancy K.
Ha, Dau Thuy
Keywords: Business Education
Viet Nam
Emerging Economy
Series/Report no.: Innovation in Business Education in Emerging Markets;Page I-XVIII, 1-113
Abstract: Like many emerging economies, especially in Asia, Vietnam’s economy has undergone major economic shifts for at least a quarter of a century. On the one hand, this period is very short compared to the history of capitalism and the market economy in Western, mostly developed, countries. On the other hand, 25 years is long enough for many important changes of all types to have taken place in Vietnam’s once war-stricken economy. The present day is a crucial turning point for Vietnam. Policy-makers and economists, both international and national, see mounting pressures on Vietnam’s economy and tend to agree that the economy demands a renewed tide of reform to survive the stormy years ahead, especially after recent years of high inflation, lower economic efficiency and the risk of losing steam. Since business activities have contributed and will continue to contribute to most economic achievements in Vietnam over the reform period, it makes sense to review the roles, impacts and lessons from actual happenings in Vietnam’s business education sector, which we believe have had profound effects not only on the corporate sector, but also on political circles, various communities and ordinary Vietnamese households. In addition, these trends will continue to influence the type of management education that Vietnam offers (or does not offer). We divided the paper into three major parts. First, we recap some of the key points in the last quarter century of Vietnam’s transition. Next, we discuss the need for management education, and finally, we examine implications for management education.
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