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Title: Vietnam's Export-Led Growth Model and Competition with China
Authors: Chaponniere, Jean-Raphael
Cling, Jean-Pierre
Keywords: Việt Nam
Export-Led Growth
Textile & Clothing
Trade Specialization
Series/Report no.: Economie Internationale;2nd Trimester 2009, Issue 118, Page 101-30, Publication Date: 2nd Trimester 2009
Abstract: The emergence of China has raised some doubts concerning the possibility for new Asian countries to take off and join the group of emerging countries. This paper addresses this question in the case of Vietnam, which has been following China’s path closely and very successfully during the last two decades. We first describe Vietnam’s exportled growth strategy, and its results in terms of economic growth and world integration. Then we analyze Vietnam trade specialization compared to China’s and other Asian emerging countries’. Finally, we show that Vietnam’s and China’s export structures are very different and that China is not “crowding out” Vietnam for textile & clothing products on the US market. In the long term, a major challenge for Vietnam is to diversify exports and take part in the regional production network.
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