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Nhan đề: Drivers of productivity in Vietnamese SMEs: The role of management standards and innovation
Tác giả: Calza, Elisa
Goedhuys, Micheline
Trifkovic, Neda
Từ khoá: Management standards
ISO certification
Technological innovation
Viet Nam
Năm xuất bản: thá-2017
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: WIDER Working;Volume 68, page 1-29
Tóm tắt: Using a rich panel dataset of SMEs active in the manufacturing sector in Viet Nam, this paper investigates the drivers of firm productivity, focusing on the role played by international management standards certification. We develop and test the hypothesis that, controlling for technological innovation (product and process) and other variables related to technological capabilities, international standards are still conducive to higher productivity, through improved management practices associated with their adoption. In line with the requirement of continuous improvement implied by most international standards, the main findings show that the possession of an internationally recognized standard certificate leads to significant productivity premium. We further investigate the relationship between technological innovation and standard adoption. We find that the likelihood of certificate adoption is higher when firms implement technological innovations and that the effect of certification on productivity is particularly strong for firms with technological innovation
Định danh:
Bộ sưu tập: Economic development

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