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Title: Young lives school surveys 2016–17: The development of Non-Cognitive instruments in Ethiopia, India and Vietnam
Authors: Little, Angela W.
Azubuike, Obiageri Bridget
Keywords: Non-Cognitive instruments
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Series/Report no.: Young Lives technical notes 41;page 1-20
Abstract: Young Lives is an international study of childhood poverty in Ethiopia, India (in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana), Peru and Vietnam. Since 2002, Young Lives household surveys have followed the lives of 12,000 children in these four countries in two age cohorts: an Older Cohort born in 1994-95, and a Younger Cohort born in 2001-02. -- In 2010, Young Lives introduced a series of school surveys in all four countries, which included a sub-sample of children in the Younger Cohort. Between 2010 and 2013 the school surveys examined issues of school quality and effectiveness in primary schools in Young Lives sites in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. Building on the design of the primary school surveys, the 2016-17 Young Lives school surveys examine school effectiveness at upper primary level in Ethiopia, and at secondary level in India and Vietnam (see Rossiter 2016; Moore 2016; Iyer 2016 for a more detailed discussion of the school surveys in each country). The surveys examine school effectiveness through multiple outcome measures, including students’ learning progress in maths and functional English. Background data collected from students, teachers and head teachers contextualise the learning outcomes data. The surveys are conducted at the beginning (Wave 1) and at the end (Wave 2) of the school year. --- This Technical Note summarises the procedures involved in the selection, adaptation and administration of the non-cognitive scales administered in the 2016-17 Young Lives school surveys in Ethiopia, India and Vietnam. It includes a discussion of the rationale for the inclusion of these scales, along with details of the process of developing, piloting and selecting the measures used in the surveys
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