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Title: The role of mangroves in the retention of heavy metal (chromium): A simulation study in the Thi Vai river catchment, Vietnam
Authors: A., Nguyen
Q, Le B. V.
Richter, O.
Keywords: Mangrove trees
Heavy metal pollution
Mathematical model
Rhizophora apiculata
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health;pp. 1 - 22
Abstract: In this study, chromium (Cr) retention by the mangroves in the Thi Vai catchment located in the south of Vietnam was simulated using a coupled model of the hydrodynamic model Delft3D with Cr transport and a model for the uptake of Cr by mangroves. This coupled model was calibrated and validated using data from four hydrodynamic stations and data from phytoremediation studies. To analyze the effect of mangroves on reducing Cr pollution, three scenarios were run by the model. Scenario 1 (SC1) is based on the actual situation concerning discharges and the distribution of mangroves. Scenario 2 (SC2) simulates the deterioration of the actual situation by deforestation on the west bank and the establishment of more industrial zones on the east bank. Scenario 3 (SC3) simulates an eco-friendly development comprising the channeling of wastewater through constructed wetlands with mangroves prior to the discharge into the river. Simulation results showed that the total Cr uptake by mangroves in SC3 was higher than in the other two scenarios. In total, 33 kg Cr in water were absorbed by the constructed wetlands in SC3 within one month. The simulation results helped in overcoming the difficulties and challenges in assessing the capacity of mangrove forests on the retention of chromium at catchment scale.
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