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Title: Time series of flood mapping in the Mekong Delta using high resolution satellite images
Authors: A, Dinh D
Elmahrad, B
Leinenkugel, P
Newton, A
Keywords: Flood
Mekong Delta
Climate change
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: Earth and Environmental Science 266;pp. 1 - 11
Abstract: The Mekong Delta, located in Southern Vietnam, is one of the most affected areas in the world by climate change and sea level rises, especially flooding. Therefore, flood mapping is essential for understanding the flood regime and mitigating its impacts. Remote sensing and GIS can support the accurate and area wide evaluation of floods. In this study, high spatial resolution synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and optical data were used to generate a dense satellite data time series for analysing the spatio-temporal patterns of flooding in the Mekong Delta. To derive water masks, a total of 777 Sentinel-1, 515 Sentinel-2 and 57 Landsat-8 scenes were used to generate cloud free water masks at a 10m spatial resolution in regular 10-day intervals throughout the observation period of hydrological years 2016-2017. The results show a spatial explicit information on the core zones of the seasonal flooding processes for the entire Mekong Delta and their effect of using floodwater for rice cultivation. The outcome maps provide an overall understanding of Mekong Delta flood patterns and many valuable information for policymakers and water resources managers.
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