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Title: Do Internal and International Remittances Matter toHealth, Education and Labor of Children? The Case of Vietnam.
Authors: Cuong, Nguyen Viet
Hoa, Nguyen Quynh
Keywords: Remittances
Việt Nam
Series/Report no.: Children and Youth Services Review;Volume 58, November 2015, Page 28–34
Abstract: Using data from Vietnam Household and Living Standard Surveys in 2006 and 2008, the paper estimates the effect of the receipt of international remittances and internal remittances on education, labor and healthcare utilization of children in Vietnam. It shows that there are no statistically significant effects of receipt of remittances on school enrolment of children as wellas child labor. However, receiving international remittances helps children increase the number of completed grades by around 2 percent of the average completed grade for children. Both international and internal remittances are positively associated with the number of outpatient health care contacts.
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