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Title: Factors associated with the regularity of physical exercises as a means of improving the public health system in Vietnam
Authors: Quan, Vuong Hoang
Duc, Hoang Anh
Trang, Vuong Thu
Phuong, La Viet
Kong, Nguyen T. Hong
Tung, Ho Manh
Keywords: Physical exercises and sports
Educational background
Social public health
Health communication
Issue Date: 2018
Series/Report no.: Sustainability;Vol 10, No 11, pp. 1 - 15
Abstract: Being ranked among the most sedentary countries, Vietnam’s social public health is challenged by the rising number of overweight people. This study aims to evaluate factors associated with the regularity of exercise and sports (EAS) among Vietnamese people living in the capital city of Hanoi, using data collected from a randomized survey involving 2068 individuals conducted in 2016. Physical exercises and daily sports are considered a major means for improving the Vietnamese social public health system by the government, families, and individuals. Applying the baseline-category logit model, the study analyzed two groups of factors associated with EAS regularity: (i) physiological factors (sex, body mass index (BMI)) and (ii) external factors (education, health communication, medical practice at home). Females with a university education or higher usually exercise less than those with lower education, while the opposite is true for males. The study also shows that those with a higher BMI tend to report higher activity levels. Additionally, improved health communication systems and regular health check-ups at home are also associated with more frequent EAS activities. These results, albeit limited to only one location in Vietnam, provide a basis for making targeted policies that promote a more active lifestyle. This, in turn, could help the country realize the goal of improving the average height of the population and reducing the incidents of non-communicable diseases.
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