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Title: The first cohort of the COVID-19 patients in Vietnam and the national response to the pandemic
Authors: Ngoc, Nguyen Huy
Thong, Nguyen Van
An, Nguyen Quang
Keywords: COVID-19
Prevention of disease
Controls the outbreak
Experience’s lesson
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Medical Sciences;pp. 1 - 5
Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic is a novel infectious disease pandemic with the agent SARS-CoV-2 virus which is currently affecting and causing damage globally. The outbreak has been crossing over 200 countries in the world. In the situation of the outbreak of COVID-19, Vietnam has first sixteen typical cases confirmed positive updated to Feb 28th, 2020. After completely applying the medical prevention and active control, Vietnam has the ability to take control of the outbreak of COVID-19 as a recent of WHO assessment. Vietnam has been reported as an effective country for prevention and control the outbreak of COVID-19. We retroactive reviewed our experience with 16 positive cases isolation. This article aims to present the first cohort of COVID-19 patients updated to Feb 28th, 2020 in Vietnam and sharing the national response to the pandemic.
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