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Title: Factor affecting poverty and policy implication of poverty reduction: A case study for the Khmer ethnic people in Tra Vinh Province, Viet Nam
Authors: Hong, Nguyen Ha
Van, Nguyen Nhan
Keywords: Poverty reduction
Khmer ethnic people
Issue Date: 2019
Series/Report no.: The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business;Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 1 - 20
Abstract: The paper aims to investigate empirical causes of poverty of the Khmer ethnic people and suggest policy implication to help the Khmer ethnic people escape poverty in Tra Vinh province and the Mekong Delta. The study has been conducted with direct interviews with 300 Khmer households living in seven districts and cities in Tra Vinh province and with the use of multivariate regression. The research results show that a number of causes that affect poverty of poor households include lack of capital for production, lack of means of production, poor health and lack of labor, large families, lack of job opportunities or unemployment, and lack of willingness to escape poverty and education. Thus, there should be poverty reduction policy for the poor househlods in the coming time. Based on the current situation and regression results, the authors propose a number of recommendations: 1) Focus on preferential loan policies for poor people 2) Provide occupational training programs for improving incomes for the Khmer ethnic households 3) Build up special infrastructure in the Khmer ethnic areas 4) Focus on promoting cultural and belief institutions in areas of the Khmer ethnic people and 5) Improve and build up healthcare clinics services and facilities.
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