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Title: Comparative Study on Essential Data of Motorcycles for Different Socio-Economic Areas / Regions in Vietnam /
Authors: Hoa, Duong Thi Mai
Duc, Nguyen Huu
Huong, Nguyen Thien
Bao, Nguyen Ngoc
Keywords: Motorcycles
Essential data
Urban and rural
Socio-economic regions
Annual growth
Comparative study
Issue Date: 2015
Series/Report no.: ;pp. 1 - 19
Abstract: The absence of essential data on motorcycles in Vietnam, especially, those in traffic circulation, is one of current problems. Recently, this fact is improved: various data have been found for the whole country. Such data of different zones in the country are still unavailable despite their importance. As one of first efforts, this paper try to determine these essential data of motorcycles until 2014 for urban- and rural areas and for all socio-economic regions of whole country. For each areas and for each region there are following found data: • Total number of motorcycles in traffic circulation, • Number of motorcycles per 100 households or per 1000 people, • Proportions of each areas / region in comparison with whole country on number of motorcycles, • Annual growth, etc. The paper also presents various useful conclusions from comparative study on the found data for different areass / regions.
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