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Title: Capacity building for the management, planning and coordination of the sanitation sector at subnational level in Vietnam: summary report.
Authors: Menzies, Iain
Keywords: Management
The sanitation
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2016
Series/Report no.: World Bank;pp. 1 - 31
Abstract: The combined effects of urbanization and economic growth have created increasing pressure onVietnam’s ageing and inadequate sanitation infrastructure and services. Water pollution by industrial wastewater also causes significant economic damage, impacting the quality and output of aquaculture products. In addition, wastewater from trade villages and aquaculture is causing adverse environmental impacts. In most urban centers up to 50 percent of the urban population are living in ‘deprived’ conditions and the environment is degraded by a number of factors relating to poor sanitation such as uncollected and untreated waste water, polluted surface water (rivers, lakes and coastal waters), polluted ground water, uncollected solid waste, clogged drainage systems, and industrial pollution. Another major challenge in Vietnam’s sanitation sector is the failure to provide satisfactory solid waste management services, which has resulted in air and water resource pollution. Eye, skin, and respiratory diseases are more common in the residential areas neighboring landfills that do not conform to national environmental regulations and standards. The Government has recognized these challenges and the need for an umbrella strategy to address all aspects of environmental sanitation in a comprehensive manner. The concept of a unified sanitation sector strategy came out of a regional water and sanitation meeting in 2005, and since then WSP has facilitated a national-level dialogue leading to the formulation of the Unified Sanitation Sector Strategy and Action Plan (U3SAP) proposal.
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