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Nhan đề: Dataset of Vietnamese students’ academic perfectionism and school alienation
Tác giả: Chi, Nguyen Linh
Ngoc, Nguyen Quang
Từ khoá: Student academic perfectionism
Meritocracy belief
Classroom competitiveness
School alienation
Parental conditional regard
Teacher conditional regard
Contingent self-worth
Năm xuất bản: 2021
Tùng thư/Số báo cáo: Data in Brief;pp. 1 - 11
Tóm tắt: Across the steadily superseding world, the younger genera- tion is coming under pressure for an increase in the stan- dard and a highly growing demand on their life themselves. This could lead to a variety of problems, including academic perfectionism and school alienation. To gain more insights into these phenomena, we conducted two research projects on students from eight upper secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam using online surveys, and obtained two datasets. Dataset A covers (i) the level of students’ perfec- tionism; (ii) belief in school meritocracy; (iii) The compet- itiveness among students; and (iv) the intrinsic motivation to achieve. Dataset B contains students’ self-reports about (i) their perceptions of parents’ and teachers’ academic condi- tional regard; (ii) academic contingent self-worth; and (iii) school alienation. The numbers of respondents of dataset A and dataset B are 2942 and 2970, respectively.
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Bộ sưu tập: Technology

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