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Title: Initial investigation of associations between feeding practices, eating behaviours, and weight status in Vietnamese children using modified questionnaires
Authors: Jansen, E.
Gallegos, D.
Keywords: Viet Nam
Child eating behaviours
Parent feeding practices
Construct validity
Issue Date: 2022
Series/Report no.: Obesity Research & Clinical Practice;pp. 1 - 6
Abstract: Aims: This cross-sectional study aims to extend the preliminary validation of the Feeding Practices and Structure Questionnaire (FPSQ) and Children’s Eating Behaviour Questionnaire (CEBQ) in the Vietnamese context by examining associations between maternal feeding practices, child eating behaviours, and child weight status. Methods: Modifed versions of the FPSQ and CEBQ were used to measure maternal feeding practices and child eating behaviours, respectively, in a sample of Vietnamese mothers of children within the age range of two to fve years (n = 100). Children’s weight-for-height z-scores (WHZs) were calculated using weight and height measurements obtained by clinicians. Pearson’s correlation coeffcients were used to examine bivariate associations between maternal feeding practices, child eating behaviours, and child WHZs. Signifcant variables were then entered into a multivariable regression model. Results: Child WHZs were associated with maternal persuasive feeding, and child slowness in eating, enjoyment of food/food responsiveness, and emotional undereating, but in multivariable regression analysis, only persuasive feeding (β = − 0.44, p = 0.027) and slowness in eating (β = − 0.39, p = 0.036) contributed signifcantly to the model. Conclusions: The fndings provide some evidence of construct validity for the modifed questionnaires. Potential implications of dietary-related behaviours on weight status in preschool-aged children in Viet Nam are evident. However, further validation and analysis in larger datasets must be undertaken in order to examine these associations with increased certainty.
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