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Title: Perceptions and use of electronic cigarettes among young adults in Vietnam 2020
Authors: Hanh, Tran Thi Tuyet
Khue, Luong Ngoc
Keywords: E-cigarette
Young adults
PGATS 2020
Issue Date: 2022
Series/Report no.: Journal of community health;pp. 822–827
Abstract: Electronic cigarette use among adolescents has increased in the past decade. Little is known about the perception and use of e-cigarettes in Vietnam, especially among young people. This study examines the perceptions and use of electronic cigarettes among young adults in Vietnam. The study uses data from a survey of adult tobacco consumption among adults at the provincial level in 2020, which was funded and managed by the Vietnam Tobacco Control Fund—Ministry of Health. Data were collected from 34 provinces and cities throughout Vietnam and managed using REDCap software. The survey engaged 80,166 participants, of which 9478 were young adults aged 15–24 were selected and reported in this paper. The results show that, at the time of the survey, 2.4% of young Vietnamese adults were smoking e-cigarettes. Many survey participants cited more than one reason for smoking e-cigarettes. These reasons included preferring the taste of e-cigarettes (64.0%), disliking the odour of other cigarettes (46.2%), following the example of family members (44.9%), and believing e-cigarettes threatened fewer health risks (39.1%). Almost half of the e-cigarette users wanted to quit (48%). E-cigarette use was associated with males living in urban areas who are aware of the Law on Prevention and Control of Tobacco Harms. The findings of this study provide evidential data that support public health policies aimed at reducing and ceasing e-cigarette use among young people.
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