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Title: Implementing clinical pharmacy activities in hospital setting in Vietnam: Current status from a national survey
Authors: Hua, Susan
Li, Shu Chuen
Keywords: Clinical pharmacy
Pharmacy practice
National survey
Issue Date: 2022
Series/Report no.: BMC Health Services Research;pp. 1 - 11
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Clinical pharmacy activities have evolved over the past decades contributing to all stages of the patient care process, especially in the hospital setting. However, these practice roles may differ to a significant extent depending on the healthcare policy of countries. In Vietnam, the magnitude of adopting clinical pharmacy activities in hospital settings throughout the country is still unknown since these activities have been implemented. This study aimed to ascertain the current status of clinical pharmacy activities performed within the Vietnamese hospital setting. METHODS: A nation-wide survey was conducted from December 2017 to January 2018. Two online questionnaires, one for the Heads of Pharmacy Department and one for clinical pharmacists, were designed based on the national legal regulations about implementing clinical pharmacy activities in the hospital setting. These questionnaires were sent to all hospitals and healthcare facilities with a department of pharmacy. RESULTS: A total of 560 Heads of Pharmacy and 574 clinical pharmacists participated in the study, representing a response rate of 41.2%. Among the participating hospitals, non-patient specific activities were implemented widely across all hospital classes, with pharmacovigilance, medication information, and standard operating procedures development implemented in ≥88% of all hospitals. In contrast, there was a significant variation in the level of implementation of patient-specific activities among hospital classes. With activities such as medication counselling, monitoring of adverse drug reactions, and obtaining patient's medication histories provided at a considerably lower level in between 49 and 57% of hospitals. CONCLUSION: Clinical pharmacy activities have been initiated in most of the surveyed hospitals. In general, clinical pharmacy is more established in higher-class hospitals in Vietnam. However, the current implementation status is focused on non-patient-specific activities, while patient-oriented activities remained insufficiently established.
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