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Title: Stable isotope signatures of deuterium, oxygen 18, and carbon 13 (δ2 H, δ18O, δ13C) in imported apples available in the markets of Vietnam
Authors: Anh, Ha Lan
Nhan, Dang Duc
Quynh, Tran Minh
Keywords: Stable isotope compositions
Geographical origin
Cryogenic vacuum extraction
Laser spectrometry
Issue Date: 2023
Series/Report no.: Food Chemistry;pp. 1 - 6
Abstract: This study examines whether fresh apples from the United States, New Zealand, and China sold in the markets of Vietnam can be distinguished based on the stable isotopic signatures of their water and carbon (δ2 H, δ18O, and δ13C). The δ2 H and δ18O in apples from the United States were found to average − 100.1 ‰ and − 10.5 ‰ vs VSMOW, respectively, lighter than those from New Zealand and China. In apples from China, the δ13CVBDP averaged − 25.8 ‰, which is more enriched than apples from the United States and New Zealand. A clear distinction was shown in the δ2 H, δ18O, and δ13C values in apple samples from the three regions based on the statistical treatment at a 95 % confidence level and p < 0.05. This method is reliable enough to control the import and export of agricultural products.
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