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Title: Rhizosphere microbiome dataset of Robusta coffee (Coffea canephora L.) grown in the Central Highlands, Vietnam, based on 16S rRNA metagenomics analysis
Authors: Minh, Tran Dinh
Keywords: Rhizosphere microbiome data
Robusta coffee
16S rRNA metagenomics
The Central Highlands region
Issue Date: 2022
Series/Report no.: Data in Brief;pp. 1 - 6
Abstract: Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil. Of the two main coffee production species, namely, Arabica and Robusta, Vietnam is the largest producer of Robusta worldwide [1]. Based on previous reports, the planted coffee area in Vietnam was 695.600 ha and its production was 1.76 million tons in 2020, in which the Central Highlands region accounts for approximately 73% of the planted area and production [2]. Hence, this region is known as the capital of coffee plantations and production in Vietnam. Previous studies have focused on the diversity of rhizospheric bacteria from this plant species cultivated in this region based on cultivation methods [3–8]. However, no report has been found on the rhizospheric microbial diversity of this important plant in Vietnam. To our knowledge, a dataset of rhizospheric microbial communities of the coffee plant grown in the Central Highlands is still unclear. This report presents a dataset of the rhizosphere microbiome from a representative sample obtained by mixing five rhizospheric soil samples of Coffea canephora L. cultivated in the Central Highlands region using metagenomic next-generation sequencing. This dataset provides information on the rhizospheric microbial diversity of Robusta coffee, particularly its functionality. Therefore, cultivation techniques for sustainable Robusta coffee production in the region could be developed by applying indigenous rhizospheric microbial resources.
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